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SC Srl is a company founded in July 2010 in Bussolengo (Verona), consisting of a team that boasts many years of experience in the design and construction of government systems, industrial plant control and electrical panels for automation according to CEI EN regulations, with the release of test report and declaration of conformity.

SC starting from the drafting of the functional specifications, follows all the phases, up to the final testing of the applications in the most varied production sectors, providing all the documentation necessary for the certification of the plants (by specialized bodies) and the management and / or maintenance of the same.

Our flexibility allows us to be partners even for customers with their own technical office but looking for serious and professional performers, in this case we can also perform partial workings (eg wiring of electrical panels, drawing electrical diagrams or PLC software / HMI etc ..) and in subcontracting.

In January 2015 the company moved to the municipality of Sommacampagna (Verona).

Sc srl - Automazione industriale Verona
Sc srl - Automazione industriale Verona


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